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Artwork Preparation

Communicate your research story with compelling images, graphs, illustrations, and other visuals that comply with your target journal’s recommended style guide. Send us your final, editable files and we will create high-quality images, overseeing details like:

Artwork Prepartion

File size/Resolution

Artwork Prepartion

Image size/dimensions

Artwork Prepartion


Artwork Prepartion


Artwork Prepartion

File format

Artwork Prepartion

Graph panels

How It Works
How Artwork works
Step 1

Send us your editable files and instructions

How Artwork works
Step 2

Our Illustrators will revise your artwork

How Artwork works
Step 3

Publication experts check for consistency and technical accuracy

How Artwork works
Step 4

We rework as per request (within 60 days)

money$20 per image
2 images per day
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Frequently Asked Questions

We can process the following file types:

DOC, DOCX (Microsoft Word), PPT, PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint), XLS, XLSX (Microsoft Excel), AI, AIT (Adobe Illustrator) PSD, PDD (Adobe Photoshop), EPS (various programs)

If your file type is not on this list, you can export it as an EPS file and send it to us. We will then advise you about the best way to export your figures into one of our recommended file types. We'd be happy to incorporate any changes you want to make in the files for you.

It is strongly recommended that you don’t edit your files after we send them to you as you may not have access to the required software. Additionally, please send us the final version of your figures and tables.

Make your research findings impactful with professional artwork.

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