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Plagiarism can be academically punishable. We use iThenticate –a powerful plagiarism detection software employed by 80% of high impact-factor journals to verify article originality. This is followed by a complete report, highlighting problematic sections and providing expert suggestions for improvement.

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Note: Detection of instances other than those highlighted by iThenticate cannot be guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An expert will assess the iThenticate report, comment on the level of plagiarism, and highlight the sections that require rephrasing to avoid a quality control desk rejection from any journal.

Unfortunately, we do not offer rewriting or paraphrasing for plagiarized text or sentences. However, our service does provide guidance from experts in the ‘Comments’ section where you are given recommendations regarding the relevant corrective action, depending on the seriousness of the issue.

Alternatively, you can try our Premium English Editing services which will give you the required pre-submission support and manuscript editing help.

Get submission-ready with an ethically sound manuscript.

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