Leave the editing to the experts

SAGE Language Services: Leave the editing to the experts

Don’t let language or formatting issues prevent your research from being published. Have your paper polished by SAGE Language Services before you submit it to your international journal of choice, and get help with editing, translation, and formatting your manuscript.

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Could your paper use some polishing? Get help from editors who have expertise in your area of research to ensure that grammar issues don’t stand in the way of getting your paper accepted.

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Is your paper written in Chinese, Portuguese, or Spanish? Our translators are subject experts who are fluent in your language. They will ensure that nothing is lost in the translation to English.

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Manuscript Formatting

Does your paper need to be formatted according to a specific journal’s guidelines? Save time with our skilled experts who can help you with layout, citation, and reference issues to ensure your paper is in the correct format prior to submission to the journal of your choice.

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Figure Formatting

Do your figures make an impact? If not, our figure experts can help you improve your figure files to ensure that they are publication-ready.

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